Dodge Makes Top Quality

Why should you choose one brand over another? One could argue for Dodge based on value, pointing out that the Dodge Journey is the most affordable SUV with three rows. Another would argue that Dodge should be chosen for performance, referring to the speedy Charger and sporty Challenger. You can add another reason to the list: initial quality.

In the recent J.D. Power Initial Quality Study, Dodge placed in the top ten. The automaker has fewer models for sale than most rivals, which means that every model has to do well to achieve good rankings.

How Was This Award Decided?

This 2019 study looks at every aspect of vehicle ownership to determine how well a vehicle is made. To do this, it polls thousands of new vehicle owners and asks them a series of questions in many categories. Then the answers are tallied and the best vehicles rise to the top of the rankings.

One thing that makes this study especially meaningful is that the answers come from real Dodge owners. They have the final say in whether Dodge earns a good grade or not. At Richardson Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, we are proud to see Dodge move up in the rankings. The automaker was the most improved of all of the top performers.

Which Dodge Car Made the Top of the List?

The 2019 Dodge Challenger led the pack by taking the top spot in its category. This sports car starts off with 300 horsepower, but shoppers can get even more performance from one of the higher trim levels. The Hellcat model offers 717 horsepower while the new Redeye pumps that up to 797 horsepower.

The Caravan Continues to Dominate

Always a winner, the Dodge Caravan earned the top spot in its category for 2018. When you are looking for the right minivan, the Dodge Caravan has the price and features that make families happy. Stow-n-go seating makes it easy to convert your family taxi into a moving van.

Priced affordably and made with quality, Dodge vehicles are a good investment. Check out your choices at Richardson Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram .

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