There are tons of new tech features on cars these days, from automatic parallel parking and back-up cameras to Lane-Change Assists systems and automatic transmissions. All of these new car technologies are terrific and help increase your safety while driving immensely, but there are a few skills that all drivers need to have, even if their car comes with the latest technology. Below we’ve come up with a few basic car skills that everyone should have. Take a look to see if you’ve got these mad skills or need a refresher course in driving.

How to Drive a Manual Transmission

One of the increasingly lost driving skills is knowing how to drive a manual gearshift. Automatic transmissions come standard on most new cars these days, so a majority of younger drivers probably don’t know how to drive stick. Now due to the predilection of new cars that sport automatic transmissions, many people may not see the need to learn manual, but knowing how to operate all kinds of cars will ensure you have the right kind of skills, especially in an emergency. So talk to you dad or mom or cool older brother, Mike, and have them show you the way of the gearbox.

How to Parallel Park

This is a fairly recent phenomenon, as autonomous parallel parking is still a fairly new piece of tech, but talk to many people today, especially in the south and Midwest, and they’ll tell you that they just never learned how to parallel park. Once again, this is a much needed skill so that you’re prepared in any kind of situation. Plus, it’ll save you an avoidable embarrassing moment, when you have to ask someone to parallel park your car for you at a party.

How to Read a Map

This is a big piece of driving that a lot of people nowadays just don’t know how to do – especially the younger set. With the advent of GPS and Siri giving us turn-by-turn navigation, the art of reading a paper map is nearly all but lost. Most safety experts recommend people have at least one national or local map in your car, just in case. So head on down to your local truck stop and grab one of those paper maps and start navigating.

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