Preparing an emergency car kit is essential for anyone who owns and operates a car. Even if you just drive your car to and from work, a properly stocked car kit ensures that you always have key items on hand to help with any unexpected situations. Below, we’ve listed out all the items you’ll need to create a useful and possibly life-saving emergency car kit.

A Container

Any useful emergency kit always starts with a box, or a crate, or a plastic bin; pretty much anything you can use to keep all your items together. By keeping your items all in one box, they'll always be easily accessible during any car emergency. 

A First Aid Kit

No emergency kit would be complete without a first aid kit. Filled with band aids, disinfectant, burn ointments and tweezers, a first aid kit is essential should you ever get into an accident.

Flashlights & Reflectors

You’ve probably noticed those orange and yellow triangles that highway crews tend to have around them while their working on the side of the road. And while they may be little, those triangles can make a big difference when its twilight out and you’ve just broken down or have a flat tire. That’s why we recommend always having adequate flashlights and reflectors in your car.

Spare Tire

Before you drive away with a newly purchased new or used car, always make sure the trunk is equipped with an inflated and puncture-free spare tire. You’ll never know how much you’ll need it, until you find yourself without one.

Lug Wrench & Jack

You won’t be able to do much with the spare if you don’t have these guys hanging out in the trunk right alongside it.

Jumper Cable

A vital piece of equipment, jumper cables mean you’ll never have to panic if your car won’t start one morning or after a long day of work.


An item that many people may not consider, but having a good pair of work gloves in your emergency kit will keep you properly protected from engine burns and infections.

Other Miscellaneous Items

A role of duct tape, rags, scissors, a hat, a blanket and even cat litter can all come in handy if you find yourself stranded on the side of the road.

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