Jeep Adaptive Cruise Control Button

What's the Jeep Adaptive Cruise Control System?

Jeep Adaptive Cruise Control remains one of the most useful convenience and, to a lesser degree, safety features of the new Jeep model lineup. It allows drivers to focus their attention on the road instead of acceleration and braking. Following distance, markers are the hallmark of this technology and have allowed drivers to experience a level of comfort higher than ever before, especially in stop and go city driving situations.

How to Use Jeep Adaptive Cruise Control

The standard cruise control system is operated this way:

Get to the speed you want to maintain

  • Press ACC On/Off button (below standard cruise control buttons)

  • Click SET+ or SET- to activate

  • Use the increase or decrease buttons to change following distance parameters

  • To deactivate press the ACC On/Off button
Jeep Cruise Control

Set this way, your vehicle will bring your Jeep to a stop if the driver in front of you comes to a complete stop. However, if your system were to malfunction, you would be liable for the accident, so always keep close attention to your Jeep's performance and the vehicle ahead of you. You should be ready to break if you need to!

A Few Things to Remember

If you're going below 20 MPH, it auto defaults to 20 MPH as it's the lowest speed available in the system. The SET+ and SET- buttons are your go-to buttons for setting your speed limit increments. Holding those buttons down will change those speed limit increments to what you want them to be.

You can cancel your cruise control at any time by hitting CANC on the steering wheel, something that you'll want to remember when you're first learning the system. It can be a little tricky even for the most experienced of drivers, so practice safety first and always keep a good eye on your system until you learn it!

The On/Off button will disable standard cruise control entirely and let you get back to your manual driving functions. This ACC system is available on many models of Jeep, including the Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Patriot, Compass, Renegade, and Wrangler. To completely disable standard cruise control, press the On/Off button again.

Learn More About Jeep Cruise Control Today

We've gone over the basics here, but we understand that many of you not familiar with the new, more advanced Jeep cruise control systems may have plenty of other questions about exactly how this works and what you need to watch out for a while you're using it. Don't hesitate to get in touch with our dealership if you need us! Our experienced team of sales experts are well-versed in the Jeep ACC system and will be happy to help you learn the ropes or explore more advanced features in other parts of your Jeep. Just give us a call, write to us, or stop by and see us for expert help.