Under Car Leak  

When you own a car, there will likely come a time when liquid forms under the vehicle. You may not know where the puddle is coming from, especially with all the different types of fluids in most cars. Fortunately, you can quickly learn the best way to diagnose a leak depending on the color shade of the liquid.

Brown or Black

The most common color shade of liquid under the vehicle is brown or black, indicating oil is leaking from the engine. Look at your engine level, which can be a severe problem if the leak is larger.

Red or Brown

The liquid may be thin and red or brown and thick if you have transmission fluid that is leaking. This doesn't make the car inoperable, but you may notice it's not as smooth with how it drives. This often occurs when the power steering doesn't work if the levels get too low. You may find the car is difficult to steer or maneuver as you spend time in the driver's seat.

Pointing at Leak Spot

Clear or Brown

The brake fluid in your vehicle is clear or brown and can leak under the car. Avoid driving the vehicle because it can affect your brakes’ function because the brakes depend on the hydraulic pressure to operate correctly. Contact a towing service and take it to your nearest auto shop.

Green or Yellow

The green or yellow liquid is typically the coolant leaking. In some cases, it can even appear orange or slightly pink. The fluid keeps the engine cool and prevents it from overheating while it's operating. The radiator or hoses may be cracked or damaged if a leak is present. It requires a professional mechanic to inspect the parts to determine the underlying issue and perform the necessary repairs to restore your car's operation.


Clear thin liquid is typically water leaking from your air conditioner when it's been in use. However, it can also be brake fluid if you notice that it's a bit slick. Touch and smell the liquid to confirm what it may be to determine if you need to contact a mechanic.

If you notice any leaks under your engine, you'll need to give our dealership a call today. We can help you get to the root of the issue and restore the condition of your vehicle to ensure you have a reliable mode of transportation.