The new vehicles that are on the market these days come with some innovative and convenient technology features. Some features are designed to improve your comfort level, while others add to the overall level of safety that your new vehicle provides. The vehicles that come from Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram often feature the Uconnect system. This is an infotainment system that bundles together entertainment features, connectivity, and navigation. You can easily control all of these features by using a touch-enabled screen.

What Can You Do With Uconnect?

Uconnect is used daily for things like music controls. The design of the system makes it very simple to get from song to song and station to station with just one touch of the screen. You can also connect your media sources like Bluetooth, iPod, and Sirius XM radio. The majority of these vehicles also have controls on the steering wheel, allowing you to control all of your technology without having to take your hands off the wheel at any point. You can also connect your Android or Apple phone, allowing you to make hands-free calls while you’re driving. If you opt for a higher trim level for a certain model, you may be able to control your seats and climate control functions using your Uconnect system.

Uconnect Access

In addition to the traditional features that come with the Uconnect system, you have the option to pay for the Uconnect Access service. This service provides the owner with a subscription to Yelp, 24/7 roadside assistance, a health report for your vehicle, and notifications on your smartphone if your alarm has been triggered. You can even load up navigation locations before you’ve entered your vehicle. You can look up a location on your smartphone and send it to your car. When you get into your vehicle, your directions will be ready to go.

Some people worry that learning how to use all this new technology will be difficult for them. Uconnect has been designed to be a simple process to use for any driver, both young and old. Unlike some of the other technology systems that manufacturers are coming up with, Uconnect has been tested and perfected over the course of many years now. You may find there are some differences between various models and trim levels, but you’ll find the same Uconnect concept is located in each vehicle from the Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram brands.