It can be frustrating when your key fob battery runs low. But, we want you to be well-prepared on how to replace the battery when this does happen. Instead of figuring out where to find a mechanic, check out the step-by-step process below for a quick fix.

How to Identify When the Jeep Key Fob Battery Needs Replacement

Several signals will indicate the need to replace the Jeep key fob battery. These signals include when the engine is switched off, the indicator light flashing for at least 30 seconds, the flash buttons flashing inappropriately, or a reduction in the standard operational range.

Step-by-Step to Replace Jeep Key Fob Battery

Before starting, you will need a flat-headed screwdriver and a new battery (CR2032). You can then proceed as guided. On the key fob, use the switch to separate the metal ignition key. To avoid breaking, do not twist while releasing, instead, press it down. Separating the emergency key from the key fob case makes replacing the battery effortlessly.

After separating the two keys, drive down the exposed slot using the flat screwdriver. You can follow the arrow directions to open the cover case slightly and quickly. This step separates the left pry case from the right pry case.

For the next step, take a coin or the screwdriver and drive at the gap, which will open the case cover. By this, you will have separated the key fob case and then remove the battery. You can now get your new battery and insert it carefully with the positive pole facing up.

Finally, using the battery cap, cover the battery. After covering, close it up and reinsert the emergency key. If you go through these steps clearly, you would have replaced the fob battery successfully.

However, you have to be cautious when covering the battery cap to ensure the rubber ring doesn't get damaged or scratched. To ensure if the battery has been installed well, the fob key should snap together evenly. You can also use the fob key to test if your engine is operating normally.

Your key fob battery will eventually need replacement. When it does need replacing, you'll now be prepared! If you find it challenging to fix it, visit our professionals at Richardson, TX, for a quick replacement.