Dodge Electric Muscle Car  

Dodge Confirms A New Electric Muscle Car for 2024

Dodge just announced intentions to introduce their first pure electric muscle car for 2024. Dodge maximized the vaunted Hemi V-8 with the Hellcat and Demon engines and leveraged the technology as far as practical. However, in Dodge's quest to improve performance and add speed, the decision was to utilize electric motors in future muscle car development.

Every time Dodge increased performance in the Charger and Challenger vehicles, market share also went up. Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis stated that Dodge would continue to sell muscle cars, and they will be muscle cars with a new slogan for the electrified cars "Tear up the streets...Not the planet."

The current thinking is the Dodge EV will be the successor to the high-performance Hellcat-powered Challenger and Charger vehicles. The current limitations of high-performance internal combustion engines have led Dodge down the electrified path to continue offering industry-leading high-performance cars. Perhaps a recent YouTube video of Tesla smoking some Hellcat-powered cars at a dragstrip motivated Dodge to focus on the high-performance of EC-powered vehicles.

A Dodge video indicated the new electrified muscle cars would be an all-wheel drive, with the video featuring a coupe-like vehicle burning all four wheels. The direction to an electrified muscle car was more of a high-performance issue than anything relating to meeting EV requirements or regulations. The highly anticipated new Dodge muscle vehicles may address both EV requirements and increased performance in the new Dodge direction.