2024 Ram 1500 EV  

New players in the electric pickup market continue to throw their stake in, and RAM now joins the ever-growing lineup of diehard competitors. RAM Executives confirmed that the automaker will develop and release an electric RAM 1500 in 2024. While confirming the electric 1500, RAM executives dropped hints about their long-awaited RAM mid-size trucks.

The electric pickup market includes some of the biggest automakers who have rolled the dice on this exciting new market. RAM will need to beat competitors like:

  • Tesla
  • Ford
  • GM
  • Atlis

What Makes the RAM 1500 EV Exciting

The range has improved dramatically in the last few years for electric vehicles. The RAM 1500 EV will, for example, have a range of 500 miles with battery packs. You can fast charge this pickup truck at 150 kWh, and most believe that, while it will release a couple of years after the competition, no one will outdo RAM. The technology in the cabin surpasses its competitors by a long shot.

To give an example of the technology, it includes:

  • Advanced automated driving
  • Navigation system for driver routes
  • On-board power

Built upon the new STLA frame platform, it uses existing liquid-type technology. RAM may arrive slow to the party compared to its competitors, but by 2030, RAM says that all of its vehicle segments will include one electric model.

Details Remain Scarce

Despite the news, RAM executives released few details about its 1500 Electric Pickup. Given the time horizon, that shouldn't come as much of a surprise because the brand has three years to develop it, and a lot could change in that time. In terms of range, RAM outcompetes its traditional war rivals like Ford and GM. The F-150 Lightning, for example, only reaches a dusty 300-mile range, and the EV Silverado has a 400-mile range. Still, the 500-mile range of the RAM 1500 makes its two competitors look like child's play.

If you'd like to learn more about the RAM 1500 EV, come down to our dealership and learn more about it. We will elaborate more fully on the details and what you can expect from it.