The Warren Center Overview

Children sometimes suffer from developmental disabilities and issues that create hardship for both them and the families that love them so much. Like any other challenge in life, though, this is a challenge that can be met with the loving compassion and knowledge of people who care. The Warren Center is a non-profit organization in Richardson that has been helping children for over 50 years. This decades-long commitment to assisting children helped the Warren Center become even more helpful when these new technologies came around.

What Is the Warren Center?

The fundamental mission of the Warren Center is to help "every child reach their full potential." That means children with developmental challenges don't get left behind or abandoned in their hour of need. Non-profit organizations like the Warren Center are there to help the parents do their best job to help their kids reach these potentials.

Two main types of services are available here. Early Childhood Intervention is a program that evaluates and then customizes therapy sessions for children from "birth to three years of age." Sometimes this early intervention makes a significant impact in the child's life, as they have caring counselors who are experts in their field and understand how to introduce these young children to the challenges they'll face in life.

Secondly, there are the Warren Center Clinic therapy services. Children aged three to five get occupational therapists, speech-language therapists, and other specialized therapists who understand how to help them with their unique challenges. The Warren Center is highly personalized to each child and believes strongly in individualized attention. That's why they take only a few hundred children into their programs so they can focus on giving the best quality services to each child who needs them.

There are also monthly workshops and respite care available. Support groups for parents are also beneficial, as parents often want to be more hands-on with the process of helping their children and coping with the way a developmental disability impacts the entire family structure.

Where You Can Learn More

The Warren Center is five decades strong now and continues to make a difference in the lives of children with developmental disabilities. For those who want to donate or learn more about the Warren Center, please visit their website for greater insight.