RAM trucks have many intuitive and valuable safety aids. One safety technology that inspires confidence and superior handling on the highway is RAM's lane departure warning system called LaneSense. LaneSense Lane Departure Warning also comes with a lane-keep assist mechanism that prevents your truck from drifting out of the lane if you turn without using your turn signals first. The sophisticated technology is combined with other safety aids in a comprehensive safety package.

What Is the LaneSense Lane Departure Warning?

LaneSense Lane Departure Warning is a safety feature that was added to RAM models for 2019 and later. LaneSense Lane Departure Warning uses sensors and a forward-facing camera to keep your truck safely in its proper lane. Suppose the system detects that you are making a sudden lane change without using your turn signals properly. In that case, it will automatically gently correct the truck's steering mechanism to keep your RAM in the original lane.

The camera in the lane departure system prevents the truck from drifting by detecting the vehicle's position in the lane and maintaining that position with lane markers' assistance. The RAM's lane departure avoidance system gets even more sophisticated with the use of electronic power steering, which uses torque power to correct the truck's position if it moves out of its lane.

RAM Truck LaneSense Lane Departure Warning

How to Use Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Assist is simple to activate when you want or deactivate in situations where the system is not practical, such as traveling on city streets or roads with a lower posted speed limit. Activating LaneSense Lane Departure Assist is as simple as the press of a button. The button to turn on the safety mechanism is located on your truck's dashboard. In most models, you'll find it just beneath the infotainment system. In select models, including the RAM 1500 with a 12-inch infotainment system, the button will be located over the radio controls instead. Press the button once to activate the system, which will alert you that it is on with a green light. To deactivate the system, press the button a second time until the light turns off.

As a reminder, your RAM's safety system will store information about whether the feature was activated or was turned off the last time you drove the vehicle. If you turn the system off, you'll need to manually reactivate it again next time you drive.

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