When Should I Change, Rotate & Align My Tires?

Get all of your tire care questions answered here! View our video for tips and check out our page for a comprehensive overview of tire maintenance.

Having bad tires blows - literally. If you want to  minimize your risk of a blowout, and worse, an accident, pay attention to the  rubber that connects you to the road. Check your tires monthly as well as  before road trips, and schedule  an appointment with us if you notice the following:

  • Bubbles  or bulges - Particularly pay attention to this if you've recently hit a  pothole or another obstruction; the bubble usually means there's internal  damage and that air is leaking out.
  • Uneven  tread wear - If it's on both the front and back tires, it may reflect bad  tire alignment; or if you see much more tread wear on the front tires versus  the rear tires, it could reflect that you've skipped getting tire rotations.
  • Cracks in  the rubber - This generally means the tires have been worn down and dried  out by the sun or that they are old; bring your car or truck to our tire shop  in the Dallas area to have an expert assess if the damage is superficial (only  on the surface) or whether your tires are dangerous to drive on.
  • Low/bald  tread - If your tread is only 2/32", it's time to bite the bullet and get  into the shop.

When you need new Chrysler, Dodge, Ram or Jeep tires,  come to us. Among Dallas tire shops, we're confident that we can exceed your  expectations with our combination of customer service, prices, workmanship and  amenities. Check out prices on new  tires for sale here.

Tire Repair Shop Near Me

Tire ServiceThere are three primary tire repairs that we perform to  help our customers keep their tires in prime condition. Check our  service specials to see if we currently have any coupons for these services  before you visit our shop.

TIRE ALIGNMENT - Have your alignment checked about every  six months. While it can be hard for many drivers to tell if tires are  misaligned, some may notice obvious signs like strong pulling, uneven tread  wear and a steering wheel that looks off center.

TIRE ROTATION - Have your tires rotated about every six  to eight months at our tire shop in the Dallas area. Skip this service and  either the front or rear tires will wear out much quicker than their  counterparts.

WHEEL BALANCE - It's recommended that drivers have their  wheels balanced about every 3,000 to 6,000 miles, or in conjunction with their  tire rotations. One common sign that a car's wheels are out of balance is  strong vibration when driving at freeway speeds.

Your Local Richardson Tire Shop

From Dodge Challenger to Jeep Wrangler tires, we  offer a broad spectrum of tires for cars, SUVs and trucks. Whether you own a  vehicle that's part of the FCA lineup of not, Richardson Chrysler Jeep Dodge  Ram can assist you with getting your car fit with the right tires, or even  specially requested products like summer or off-road tires.


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